Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Board of Education

Public Notice

Barbara Bauman, President

Ron Jester, Vice-President

Andy Bittle, Secretary

Claudette Wangelin

Jamie Smith

Michelle Morgan

Ed Scheibel

The School Board welcomes communications from staff members, parents, students, and community members.  Individuals may submit questions or communications for the Board's consideration by clicking the following link:

Click Here to Send an Email to the Board

The following board members have completed their professional development leadership training, as required:

Barbara Bauman

Ron Jester

Claudette Wangelin

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pdf File 2010-2011 Budget
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193.73 Kb 09/29/10
pdf File 2010-2011 Budget-Amended
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194.27 Kb 07/07/11
pdf File 2011-2012 Budget-Amended
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195.65 Kb 06/27/12
pdf File 2013 District Budget
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184.50 Kb 09/25/12
pdf File 2013 District Budget - Amended
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184.67 Kb 07/01/13
pdf File 2013-2014 Budget-Amended
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207.58 Kb 07/10/14
pdf File 2014-2015 District Budget - Amended
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281.99 Kb 07/20/15
pdf File District Budget 2012
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194.92 Kb 09/27/11
pdf File District Budget 2013-2014
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206.82 Kb 02/10/14
pdf File District Budget 2014-2015
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218.05 Kb 09/23/14
pdf File District Budget 2015-2016
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149.28 Kb 09/29/15
pdf File District Budget 2015-2016 - Amended
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90.61 Kb 06/21/16
xlsx File District Budget 2016-2017
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1.10 MB 09/27/16

Our district complies with the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act.  Please contact Mrs. Theresa Goscinski for more information at 618-539-3188.